Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mobile 2.0 Launch Pad Part 2

As noted last week, a group of startups promoting themselves at Mobile 2.0. Part 1 was in the morning. Here now is the afternoon session (note it was just 5 minutes per speaker, so we only got brief overviews of each service).

Webwag Mobile

We've written before about Webwag, a personalized start page. Webwag Mobile is a Java app. It looks very much like a desktop widget service (like Yahoo! Widgets). Certainly looked slick and the ability to sync with the Internet version is useful for heavy Mobile Web users. The TomSoft blog has more details of Webwag Mobile.


RuleSpace isn't a startup, it's an 11-year company. It calls itself a "content categorization" company, which analyzes what users are looking at. In the mobile space, it does parental controls applications. It's also being used in mobile search solutions, and has anti-spam and recomendations technologies. It is heading into even more granularity, which has applications in mobile advertising.


Kyte enables you to create an interactive TV channel on your website, blog, social network or mobile phone. It has a Facebook app too. kyte really shows off the creative and collaborative nature of modern Mobile Web apps.

Photo by Rudy de Waele

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a social gaming company, that has a gaming platform for Web, mobile and TV. The example showed today was PopKids, described as "Tamagotchi meets American Idol". Essentially you raise a (virtual) child and hope it becomes a top American Idol singer. It takes 18 days for the 'child' to grow to 18 years in the game. You need a partner to have a kid and raise it, then you need to provide guidance to the child. This encourages social interaction in the game. The game is a mobile app, but it is going to be developed for TV too. It all sounds a bit strange to me, but then I'm not the target audience - so it'll be interesting to see if the PopKids game catches on.

Photo by Rudy de Waele

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