Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Top 100 Alt Search Engines, October 2007

AltSearchEngines has just released its latest Top 100 Alternative Search Engines list. ASE tracks over 1,000 "alts" in all, so choosing the top 10% is a pretty big deal.

One trend that ASE editor Charles Knight is beginning to see is that some of the alts are getting larger. Charles noted: "We have always said that there are 4-5 major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Ask) and 100 Top ASE. But we may have to revisit that. Some ASE (maybe - blinkx, GigaBlast, Exalead, picsearch,, Eurekster, Quintura - this is a new concept) seem to be growing larger than a typical ASE, but are not "major" yet either."

Exalead was chosen as the Search Engine of the Month for October - it is a Web and image search engine.

Check out the entire list and accompanying analysis over on AltSearchEngines.

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