Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Top 35 Environmental Blogs

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs dedicated to the environment on the Internet. That's really no surprise given that environmental conservation is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and has become especially pertinent in recent years due to concerns about global warming and mega-hit documentaries like Former US Vice President Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

As part of our participation in Blog Action Day, we waded through much of the environmental blogosphere and picked out our favorites (caveat: not all of these are blogs in the strictest sense of the word, but those that aren't are generally still long-tail environmentally focused content sites). It's very likely that we've left a few of your favorites off the list, so please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Presented in no particular order:

  • TreeHugger - TreeHugger is the mother of all environmental blogs, ranking #17 on Technorati's top blogs list (which makes it at least one of the most referenced enviroblogs). It covers general environmental news, events and products.
  • EcoGeek - Geek chic environmental is a good way to describe EcoGeek, which writes about gadgets that are earth friendly.
  • Environmental Law Prof Blog - From the always-good Law Professor Blog Network, this one deals with pressing concerns surrounding the issue of environmental law.
  • New Scientist Environment Blog - Excellent environmental commentary and analysis from New Scientist magazine.
  • AutoblogGreen - A spin-off from Weblogs Inc.'s popular Autoblog, the green version deals with cars and the environment -- think hybrids, gas consumption, alternative fuels, etc.
  • Eco-worrier - Musings on the environment from a columnist at the Times of London.
  • Grist Mill - Daily environmental news delivered in blog form from Grist magazine (which is also about the environment).
  • Green Car Congress - Another environmentally focused automobile blog, focusing on technology, news, and politics relating to the green mobility industry.
  • Inhabitat - Generally about living a greener lifestyle, this blog often deals with subjects around green building and sustainable living.
  • Ecomoto - A two year old blog/magazine examining environmental trends.
  • The Lazy Environmentalist - The blog for a nationally syndicated (US) talk radio show about easy green living.
  • Alternative Consumer - Environmentally friendly products: you want 'em and Alternative Consumer has you covered.
  • Teensy Green - Got kids? Then give Teensy Green a read. A blog for the environmentally aware parent.
  • Haute*Nature - In their own words: "Ecologically based creative ideas, art & green products for your children, home and lifestyle... blending style with sustainability."
  • Hippy Shopper - From the Shiny Media blog network, Hippy Shopper is about all the eco-friendly stuff you covet.
  • Sustainable Style - You can have your cake and eat it too, or in the case of Sustainable Style look good and do well for the environment.
  • Green Options - A great general enviroblog and community based out of Berkley, California.
  • No Impact Man - The chronicle of a man living in New York City as he attempts to go completely zero impact (i.e., ride a bicycle everywhere, recycle everything, eat locally produced food, and so on).

"You click off family's electricity and make them go to bed at nine every night because it's too dark to do anything else. You ban them from the elevator so they have to walk up and down nine flights of stairs. You take away their fridge so they can't keep more than a day or two of food around the house. All this and then they turn around and say it's life as usual?" -- No Impact Man

  • Great Green Baby - Another site for the green parent, Great Green Baby reviews eco-friendly baby products.
  • EcoFriend - EcoFriend is a blog about all those sexy, environmentally aware products you want but can't afford.
  • ecoFabulous - Reviews of great green stuff for the house, home, and body.
  • Ecorazzi - Celebrity gossip meets environmentalism. Did you hear that Leonardo DiCaprio is building a 'green hotel' on his 104-acre private island off the coast of Belize with the owners of the Four Seasons Resort chain? No? Then read Ecorazzi.
  • EcoStreet - A well-written and actively updated general evironmental news and commentary blog.
  • Green As Thistle - Green As Thistle chronicles the progress of Vanessa, a Canadian journalist, as she tries to "spend each day, for an entire calendar year, doing one thing that betters the environment." She's on day 229 and still kicking.
  • The Green Guy - The Green Guy writes about "ethical living" and about how to go green without making drastic, life-altering changes to your routine. I just wish he'd update more (by the way, the Adam Vaughn, who writes The Green Guy, also founded another blog on our list, Hippy Shopper).
  • Mindful Momma - There are a lot of blogs out there about green parenting -- it's an entire niche unto itself -- and Mindful Momma is one of the best.
  • Got2BeGreen - A blog focused on all sorts a cool green technology (a recent post deals with how to power your laptop with the sun, for example).
  • Triple Pundit - An intersection of the evironment and politics delivered in an interesting voice with useful commentary.

"Americans themselves don't want higher fleet standards for mileage unless they can still accelerate like Burt Reynolds in a black Trans Am with a golden eagle on the hood. So, automakers don't want higher fleet standards, because their fleet will sit on the American Car lots for longer than it does already. High mileage, room for seven and rapid acceleration are conflicting realities." -- Triple Pundit

  • Celsias - A great general blog about the environment, politics, sustainability, and green living.
  • Enviroblog - Eviroblog talks about public health in the context of environmental policy.
  • Get With Green - If you're remodeling your home or building a new one, subscribe to Get With Green to learn about all the ways you can make your living space environmentally friendly.
  • Green Thinkers - Green Thinkers is, in its own words, "an informal forum for ideas and thoughts on how to live a more green life."
  • Green Wombat - From Business 2.0, Green Wombat was a blog about business, technology, and the environment. With the closing of the magazine this month, however, its future is likely grim. Read the archives online while you still can.
  • Lighter Footstep - Lighter Footsteps is all about sustainable living and leaving less of an imprint by making greener living choices.
  • Life Goggles - Another great general green living blog, with a slight focus on TV and movies as they relate to the environment.

Bonus site: If you crave environment news from multiple sources, check out Hugg, which is like digg, but for eco-centric stories.

Top 35 image by Kelli Shaver.

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