Friday, October 19, 2007

Web 2.0 Summit Video

For those of you who couldn't pay $4000 to get into Web 2.0 Summit - or didn't want to - the organizers have started to release videos of the main sessions on Below is the Mark Zuckerberg session (the Mary Meeker one is also online).

Some quick thoughts on Web 2.0 Summit this year from my experience: similar to last year, business focus, Facebook is the hottest topic, there are iPhones everywhere. There aren't that many new startup ventures around, although Nova Spivack's Twine is promising. Overall the show hasn't been as interesting to me as Web 2.0 Expo was in April, but it is a different audience (Expo is more geek focused). I'll wrap up my thoughts on the Summit later today. Meanwhile here is the video:

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