Thursday, November 15, 2007

Internet TV Startups - Outlook Bleak?

VCs predict an uncertain future for Internet TV startupsOn our network blog last100, Natalie Fonseca is covering the NewTeeVee Live event. One of the panels today featured VCs talking about funding for the Internet TV market. Depending on who was talking - and the panel included VCs who have backed online video startups like Veoh and - the outlook for VC investments "varied from treacherous to less treacherous", reported Natalie. She wrote:

"Entertainment-lawyer-turned-VC Dennis Miller of Spark Capital warned that there are already investors who are becoming "roadkill" and there will be more roadkill ahead. George Zachary of Charles River Ventures generally agreed that there aren't a lot of Google-like opportunities in video now that will pay mega-dividends to early investors. Instead, Zachary thinks the money isn't in the content but in the social networks that are built around content.

Mike Hirshland of Polaris Venture Partners was more optimistic about the possibility for at least a few companies to reach the critical mass needed to really take off - and to pay off for VCs who've taken a chance on them."

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