Monday, November 12, 2007

Read/WriteWeb Jobs Available: Silicon Valley Writer, Webmaster

Read/WriteWeb has a couple of jobs open currently:

Silicon Valley-based Writer: we're looking for a writer based in San Francisco or Silicon Valley, to cover news and events happening in the Valley. We need someone who can attend all the Web tech events and maybe even go schmoozing at the parties on our behalf. We also need someone with an 'ear to the ground' in the Valley, who can pick up news stories for Read/WriteWeb. So if you're an enthusiastic webhead who would like press passes to all the cool tech events and news announcements, then contact the Read/WriteWeb editor. This is a part-time writing position, but could easily turn into a full-time one for the right person. To reiterate, you must be located in SF or Silicon Valley to apply for this.

Webmaster: we're also looking for a person to do web site management and design tasks, on an ongoing basis (part-time). This person needs Moveable Type and Wordpress skills, and must be familiar with HTML, Javascript. If you're interested in this position, please contact the Read/WriteWeb editor.

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