Sunday, November 18, 2007

RWW Must Reads

It's the weekend - another hectic week has gone by. In this era of quick news fixes, PR regurgitation on tech blogs, and the 'quantity over quality' maxim most tech publishers follow, the blogosphere usually overlooks the longer, more meaningful blog posts. So with that in mind, here are 5 'must read' blog posts from the past week on Read/WriteWeb. These are posts you may not have had time to read when they were published, but they will hopefully provide food for thought over the weekend.

Hyped New Platforms: Explaining the Difference Between One and the Other - Marshall Kirkpatrick compares and analyzes 5 recent new social networking platforms: Facebook, OpenSocial, Android,, Bebo.

A Look at Mugr's Facial Recognition Platform - Josh Catone looks at Mugr, a facial recognition search site which has a developer platform.

Yahoo! Says the Future Will be Modeled on Facebook - Marshall analyzes the notion that the future of both email and start pages is in social networking. Much of the discussion, says Marshall, comes back to Facebook.

MyOffice: Full Featured Groupware Tool on Facebook - Josh has been looking for an elusive full-featured office service on Facebook. He may've found a contender here!

Who is Blogging and Why? Is the Blogosphere in a Digestion Phase? - Alex Iskold gets to the heart of the changes happening in blogging currently. Settle back with a beverage of your choice and read this, it'll get you thinking!

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