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Weekly Wrapup, 12-16 November 2007

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Web News

It was a relatively quiet week in Web news, after all the kerfuffle the last couple of weeks about Google's OpenSocial and Facebook's nascent advertising network.

This week Google followed up on its Mobile Web platform, Android, by putting up $10m in awards for Android Mobile Developers.

In other news, online advertising was up 25% in Q3 - but Marshall Kirkpatrick wondered if 80% of it is Google. Yahoo! announced a Distributed Computing Academic Program. And IBM announced this week that it will be rolling out cloud computing services for corporations in the Spring of 2008, under the name Blue Cloud.

Web Products

A Look at Mugr's Facial Recognition Platform - Josh Catone looked at Mugr, a facial recognition search site which has a developer platform. Josh also checked out the new ActiveSymbols facial recognition platform

MyOffice: Full Featured Groupware Tool on Facebook - Josh has been looking for an elusive full-featured office service on Facebook. He may've found a contender here! It was follow-up to his earlier post Someone Please Build the Facebook Office. Is Attempting to Build the Future of Life Online - Marshall Kirkpatrick profiled, a powerful new lifestreaming service from Germany that you'll want to keep an eye on. Said Marshall: "It is a real testimony to the potential of the new web that anyone would even try to create something like this."

You can find many other startup profiles in our Startups category.


5 Essential Mobile Web Apps - this week we ran a contest asking you to tell us your favorite Mobile Web apps. We got over 50 comments and there were 5 Mobile Web apps that clearly stood out. Check out this post to find out which ones.

Hyped New Platforms: Explaining the Difference Between One and the Other - Marshall Kirkpatrick compared 5 recent new social networking platforms: Facebook, OpenSocial, Android,, Bebo.

Yahoo! Says the Future Will be Modeled on Facebook - Marshall analyzed the notion that the future of both email and start pages is in social networking. Much of the discussion, said Marshall, comes back to Facebook.

Who is Blogging and Why? Is the Blogosphere in a Digestion Phase? - Alex Iskold got to the heart of the changes happening in blogging currently, with this thought-provoking post. Don't miss the comments too!

You can find more R/WW analysis posts here.

R/WW Network Blogs


Check out a wrap of the week's Digital Lifestyle news on last100. Ryan Jarrett kicked off the week on last100 with a post featuring six pioneers in the digital music space, ranging from David Bowie to the Arctic Monkeys. Readers were invited to submit their own pioneers, with Prince, Public Enemy and Trent Razor being notable omissions from our original list.

Daniel Langendorf took NBC’s new TV catch-up service, NBC Direct, for a spin, and was unimpressed: “If you like living by network TV schedules, NBC Direct may be for you. For those of us who time shift, NBC Direct is a huge disappointment.”

In digital lifestyle news, last100 editor Steve O’Hear turned his gadget lust to the Playstation 3 with its forthcoming support for DivX, and, following news that Comcast has been filtering BitTorrent traffic on its network, the P2P-based Internet TV company, Vuze, is petitioning the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to restrict traffic throttling by Internet Service Providers.

Making her debut for last100, Natalie Fonseca provided extensive coverage from GigaOm's NewTeeVee Live, a one day conference dedicated to the emerging online video industry. Check here for all the links.

Alt Search Engines

This week at AltSearchEngines, ten finalists for Alternative Search Engine of the Year were announced. Readers were encouraged to vote for their favorite finalist and at last count there were 108 comments. The Alternative Search Engine of the Year will be decided by a number of factors, only one of which is the popular vote (remember Al Gore?). The winner will be announced on Monday, December 3rd, along with the final version of the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines for 2007, and some reflections on the past twelve months by editor Charles Knight. Don't miss what will most likely be AltSearchEngines paramount post for the entire year!

That's a wrap for another week! Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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