Saturday, December 15, 2007

Flickr Introduces Traffic Stats for Pro Users

Users with a pro account at Flickr are now able to view a variety of interesting statistics about the viewers of their photos. Heather Champ said in a post on the Flickr blog this morning that the stats are intended to "give you all sorts of insight into how people arrive at your photos."

Viewer numbers are a big deal for many Flickr users and Champ says this is one of their most requested features. In a world increasingly full of user generated content platforms, offering users basic traffic stats like referring URLs ought to be standard practice. Offering these numbers to premium subscribers makes a lot of sense. I expect this will be one more practice that Flickr blazes the trail on, only to be followed by others in a wide variety of markets.

The stats feature needs to be activated by the user. Large screenshots of the process can be found on the blog of consultant Dave Coustan, where I learned about the news myself.

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